Display brand identity in your lecture theatre

Brand identity is incredibly important to universities, colleges, trusts, businesses and companies. We have noticed an increase over the last few years of organisations and establishments wanting to showcase their brand identity on the lecture theatre seating and auditorium seating systems we design, manufacture and install.

These are some ideas on how to display your identity in your next lecture theatre or auditorium.

Fabric Colours

A popular way to show the company’s brand identity is changing the colours of the chairs. One customer showed the trust’s six values using multi-coloured seating fabrics.

Showcase Values on Walls

A recent client showed their brand identity by displaying their values on the auditorium wall. The brand values were created using the brand’s font and style as well as the company colours.

Company Logo

Several of our clients have added their company logo onto the head rest of the chair front.  The finished seating systems look very professional once installed.

Quote Plaques

Some of our client’s have requested the installation of quote plaques on the seating. These quotes reinforce the identity and inspire learning within the people in the lecture room.

Desk Edging

Desk edging has been added on some client’s seating desks to exhibit the organisation’s key colour. In the example seating above, blue was chosen to represent the NHS.

We would be very pleased to discuss your project requirements in detail and tailor a seating package to suit your exact requirements.  Please contact us on 01288 696000 for more information or email us your requirements.

From concept to completion we’ve got it covered.