Aberdeen University Collaborative Bench Seating

King’s College at the University of Aberdeen has become one of the most traditional buildings to embrace flipped learning and collaborative teaching methods. Founded in 1495, King’s College is famous for its symbolism of the pursuit of knowledge and physical appearance.

CPS Manufacturing Co worked closely with the university team, GWS Architects and Kier Construction to design two collaborative learning rooms during 2019.

The collaborative bench seating system was chosen as the lecture theatre seating. Approximately 276 seats were installed into the flipped lecture rooms.

The tiered structures for both the ground floor and 1st floor rooms were built onsite from the original flat floors. All of the seating and desk systems manufactured in the UK were transported from our Doncaster-based factory and installed at the university.

The finished result is stunning with the creation of two state of the art collaborative lecture rooms. The 300 students in the lecture rooms will now be able to experience modern learning styles and collaborate with colleagues every day on the university campus.


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