Durham Cathedral Staging

Durham Cathedral contacted CPS Manufacturing Co in 2019 to replace its Alu Combi church staging that was installed in the mid-1980s.

The demountable staging was supplied with a replacement using the Alu Rapid V system. The Alu Rapid V staging platforms were chosen as they are lighter to carry and easier to install.

Twenty-four 2000x 1000mm Alu Rapid V platforms were installed with carpet surfaces. The staging platforms had 200mm to 1000mm leg heights. The staging was installed with handrails, valance curtains, steps, clamps, and other accessories. The staging can also be stored using the storage trolley provided.

The existing Alu Combi platforms were brought back to CPS in a part-exchange arrangement for inspection and sale into the used/ second-hand market.

Image credit: Jeffrey Hewitt / Durham Cathedral


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