Instinct Laboratory Auditorium Seating

Understanding what it is to be human. To make statements like this requires both the skill and knowledge to provide strong, valid answers and this is what the experts at Instinct Laboratory do day in, day our at their truly inspirational offices in West Bridgford, Nottingham.

On approach to Instinct House you get the impression that something special is happening behind the big double oak doors. This is an extraordinary looking building from the outside and once you go through those doors you are welcomed in to an environment that is so unique and awesome it simply blows your mind.

The office layout from the many bespoke lighting schemes to the innovative furniture and fittings takes attention to detail to another level which is backed up by their own scientific research, of course.  This in turn positively affects the actions, feelings and behaviours of their clients and staff within Instinct House.

Attention to detail is something that CPS Seating LTD has been consistently providing to their clients for more than 50 years, so there’s common ground to be shared here. There’s also something else that is apparent between Instinct Laboratory and CPS, and that is a desire to care about their clients and put them first.

These two qualities alone are firm reasons why CPS was tasked with providing 35 individually upholstered Asset A30 auditorium seating with shared armrests (a first for CPS). The end result is a stunningly beautiful space and a cracking testimonial from the team at Instinct House:

“It is fair to say that CPS and their team truly care. They went above and beyond to make sure that the whole experience was easy for the client (in this case us).

“Their attention to detail and focus on making sure what is delivered is perfect to our needs was a breath of fresh air.”


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