Leeds Beckett University Auditorium Seating

Leeds Beckett University had a requirement to create a high-quality auditorium that could be used for both the university’s needs and to cater for business events at other times.  The auditorium seating system needed to be prestigious for business use, but at the same time not lose its practicality and durability for its students who would use the facility on a daily basis.

The Asset A20 chair was specified which incorporated writing tablets and solid hardwood arm rests to give a quality feel to the auditorium. Preformed plywood backs and bases for enhanced comfort and reduced sound absorption were also added during the manufacturing stage.

CPS worked closely with the architect and the university estates team to design, manufacture and install a total of 250 Asset A20 chairs. The CPS team also designed and installed the full steel tiering that the chairs sat on.


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