Morgan Stanley Turn and Learn Seating

Banking and financial services company Morgan Stanley enquired about installing seating into their new flagship auditorium in the heart of the capital city. The auditorium – at the Canary Wharf office in London – was built for the company to have team briefings, client meetings and on-site training.

As the seating manufacturer, CPS Seating LTD worked with TP Bennetts Architects as well as Morgan Stanley to design, manufacture and install the auditorium seating.

One of the requests from Morgan Stanley was that the auditorium needed to be clean and immaculate. To fit with the auditorium’s style, self-parking chairs were installed which return to be front-facing after being left.

In total 144 Inova turn and learn seats were installed into the Morgan Stanley auditorium. The turn and learn seats were all bespoke and luxurious.

The Inova turn and learn seats are ideal for lecture theatres. The Inova self-parking seating is suitable for flipped classrooms or collaborative learning rooms.


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