University of Hull Larkin Lecture Theatre Seating

CPS Manufacturing designed, manufactured and installed lecture theatre seating in the Larkin building at the University of Hull. CPS worked with Trevor Dowling Architects and the University of Hull.

The Larkin building was named after poet Philip Larkin who served as the Head Librarian at University of Hull for more than thirty years. The Larkin building is home to the faculty of the arts. The building was originally built in 1965.

In total, 443 seats were fitted into the Larkin lecture theatres. We installed 94 seats into lecture theatre D. 59 Vario seats and 35 self-parking lecture theatre seats were fitted.

Another 290 seats were added to the other four Larkin lecture theatres. There were 272 Vario C9 seats and 18 Inova upholstered seats fixed into the rooms.

Turn and learn seats help students to interact, collaborate and complete group work for flipped learning or collaborative learning. The Inova turn and learn seats are favoured by the fire service due to their ability to return to the forward-facing, closed position.


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