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Collaborative learning seating

collaborative learning seatingCollaborative learning can be used in a range of situations in schools, colleges, universities or other venues. We have already covered what collaborative learning is as well as the advantages and disadvantages of collaborative learning. We are now going to look at what seating is most suitable for collaborative learning.

If you are looking to start using new teaching methods such as flipped classrooms or collaborative learning, CPS offers a range of fixed seating and loose furniture ideal for these new environments. Our range includes the Studio Evo tablet chaircollaborative bench seating and Inova turn and learn seating.

Studio Evo chair

Made from fully-recyclable polypropylene, the Studio Evo chair is a movable tablet chair that features a massive table which can be flipped about its axis and rotated around the chair. These tablets can then be used as a table in the middle for all the students to collaborate.

View the Studio Evo chair.

Collaborative bench seating

The fixed collaborative bench seating encourages group activities as all students can sit together on one bench. The seating can also be provided with fixed desks, power outputs and microphones to assist with collaborative learning.

Take a look at our collaborative bench seating.

Inova turn and learn seating

The distinguishing features of the Inova turn and learn seating is that users can turn around to work on group work and will return to a forward-facing closed position automatically when left.

View our Inova turn and learn seating.

We also have a collection of lecture theatre seatingauditorium seating and retractable seating ideal for a range of venues.

We would be very pleased to discuss your project requirements in detail and tailor a seating package to suit your exact requirements.  Please contact us on 01288 696000 for more information or email us your requirements.

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