Collaborative learning

collaborative_learningThe collaborative working approach is now a popular educational solution and an effective method of teaching and learning. It consists of small groups of learners who work together to solve a problem, complete a task, or create a product or service.

Students are individually accountable for their work and the work of the group as a whole is also evaluated. Groups work face-to-face in a close setting and learn how to work as a team to reach a desired outcome or goal.

In a collaborative learning environment, the learners are challenged both socially and emotionally as they listen to different viewpoints from peers. They are also required to explain and add support to their ideas or beliefs and are actively engaged throughout the session.

This style of learning gives students the opportunity to be involved in discussions, take responsibility for their own learning and thus become critical thinkers and solution providers of the future.

Collaborative bench seating

Our collaborative bench seating system facilitates group working allowing the implementation of new teaching methods. Collaborative bench systems provide an alternative solution to interactive teaching spaces in educational establishments where students can sit together in a less structured and more relaxed environment to work together.

Inova ‘turn and learn’ seating

The Inova seating system is the chair of choice for flagship lecture theatres and collaborative teaching spaces. Thanks to a 360° moving action on its rotating arm, the Inova system provides the ability for a student to turn and work with fellow students on either side or even directly behind them at a common desk.

Working closely with you from initial brief right through to installation we would be pleased to share with you our knowledge and experience of collaborative learning styles. Our superb range of collaborative bench and Inova ‘turn and learn’ seating can be fully adapted to different configurations to suit virtually any existing teaching space.

We would be very pleased to discuss your project requirements in detail and tailor a seating package to suit your exact requirements.  Please contact us on 01288 696000 for more information or email us your requirements.

From concept to completion we’ve got it covered.