How to use colours in your lecture theatre

Colours can be well utilised in lecture theatres and auditoriums to showcase brand colours or provide a prestigious finish. We’ve looked at the different options available to use colours on lecture theatre seating or auditorium seating.

How to use colours

Brand colours

Several venues use their brand colours on the seating systems to showcase the brand identity. The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital used the trust’s values in colours on the seating fabrics. The University of Manchester seating uses the purple from its logo on its upholstery.

Single colours

Some institutions and venues ask for single colours which provides an aesthetically pleasing finish. Examples of single colour use in lecture theatres are our Sheffield University seating project, University of Manchester seating case study and Villa Cross Church of God Prophecy seating installation.


Some venues request multi-coloured seating that is well coordinated to appealing effect. Examples of multi-colours in venues are the Aston University case study, Royal Orthopaedic Hospital seating installation and Warwick University seating project.

Where to use colours

Desk edging

Desk edging on fixed desks can be used to exhibit colours in contrast to the white desks. CPS case studies that showcase desk edging colours are the University of Manchester and the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital.

Seat base

The reverse of the seat base can be finished in upholstery or with a wooden base. If finished in a wooden base, it is ensured that the base integrates with the rest of the seating system. Wooden base examples include Leeds Beckett University. An upholstered case study example is Warwick University.

Fabric upholstery

There is a massive range of seat fabric upholstery colours available. Upholstery can be a single colour or multicoloured. Examples of seat fabric upholstery being put to great use in lecture theatres include the University of Birmingham installation and Wren Kitchens project.


Traditionally only finished in a black colour, CPS can offer a range of coloured frames that can coordinate with the rest of the seating and colours.