CPS offers a wide variety of customisations for our fixed seating

CPS variety of customisations for our fixed seatingAt CPS Seating LTD, we understand that you want your fixed seating to be unique and tailored to your venue. CPS designs, manufactures and installs a wide range of auditorium seatinglecture theatre seatingretractable seating and theatre seating. All seating design is carried out by our in-house designers enabling swift and easy modification of a seat for specific installations.

Whilst we have standard chair models, as all of our products are made to order, every part of our fixed seating can be altered or bespoke designed for your venue.

Below we have provided an overview of some of the changes we can make to our fixed seating for each project.

Seat width

Seat width – sometimes referred to a seat module or seat centres – can be adjusted to enable the seating to fit the space in a pleasing manner or to squeeze in the maximum capacity. For installations where the walkways are not parallel, we can alter the seat centres so that the seating neatly fits the space and all seats line up on the walkways and/or by the walls.

Seat angle

All of our seats have a standard angle, but auditorium seats are typically more reclined than a lecture theatre seat. If space is tight however, we can make the seat more upright so that it takes up less space on the row. We can also modify our seat frames to fit onto a sloping floor.

Back height

In lecture theatres we always make the seat back extends to the underside of the desk. This not only provides modesty to those on the row behind but also looks more aesthetically pleasing. Auditoriums typically have a standard height backrest but this can be altered in height and shape if required.

Seat fabric

The seat fabric is always the option of the client and/or architect. We work with a number of manufacturers and there are a wide range of fabrics available from woven to synthetic (PU / vinyl) to leather. Seating can also be upholstered in multiple colours from within a single range to create a more vibrant look to the room. Fabrics will often be coordinated with acoustic wall panelling and other décor.

Upholstery styling

Our auditorium and theatre seats can have the overall style altered by adding panelling, fly tucks, buttons, outer panels, stitching detail and much more. Seat outer panels enable all fixings to be masked from view and can be upholstered or in stained plywood. CPS can also add corporate branding and logos to the seating.

Frame colours

Our seat frames are generally polyester powder coated in a standard RAL colour , usually dark grey or black. There are 213 frame colours for our clients to choose from and we also offer ‘special effect’ colours. In addition to colour, the sheen also needs to be specified by the client; these include matte, satin or gloss.


Lecture theatre writing ledges are manufactured from 25mm MDF with a laminate finish and edged in 2mm ABS. Writing ledge depth and shape can be varied according to the needs of the project, as can the materials used. As well as laminated MDF, desks can be from solid hardwood, Birch plywood, hardwood veneered MDF or be finished in Marmoleum for high-end requirements.  Laminates, edgings and finishes are all selected and manufactured per project.

Power / data modules

In today’s environment, ability to charge personal devices is all-important. We can provide cut-outs and cable-ways in the desks and seat frames to enable charging modules to be fitted by others, or we can supply the complete package as part of the service. Charging outlets can be 3-pin socket and/or USB. The newest generation of charging modules are also power delivery enabled, for even faster charging.

Seating Layout

As well as in straight lines, our seats can be installed on curves, in a facetted layout and on a sloped floor. Tight curves can sometimes require the seats to have slight modifications, this is taken care of by our designers.


Some of our seats come with an armrest as standard such as the Asset and Primo. Other seats can have an arm added as an option, for example the Vario or Type. Armrests can be fully upholstered, in solid hardwood or in hardwood for durability with an upholstered top pad for comfort. When required we can also modify the size and style of the armrest and add further accessories such as cup holders, USB ports and microphone outlets.

End panels

Our end panels can be added to most seats and can be upholstered in several different styles. The panels can also have row letters, lighting and more fitted.

Completely bespoke seats

We can create completely bespoke seating tailored specifically for the venue and made to the requirements provide. For example, our previous bespoke seating projects include the Luton Town Hall project, London Science Museum installation or Perse School case study.

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