Why is high quality seating important?

why is high quality auditorium or lecture theatre seating importantUniversity students spend approximately 11 hours a week or two hours a day in lectures sat in lecture theatre seating. Auditorium audiences can sit for two to three hours at a time in auditorium seating. Audiences in theatres can spend three hours sat down during a performance in theatre seats. Spectators watching sports can sit for even longer in spectator seats to watch a performance.

These hours can add up and make the sitter feel uncomfortable if their seat isn’t pleasant. We are proud that we provide quality, plush seating for our clients. These are the reasons that high quality seating is very important. 

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Quality upholstered seating can add an extra layer of beauty to the aesthetics of a room. We are so confident in the quality and finish of our seating that we offer a unique and unrivalled lifetime warranty.


With more people sitting in front of a computer, the ergonomics of a seat have become increasingly important factors to consider. Seats need to support the user’s back to ensure the correct posture is maintained throughout.

There are multiple problems associated with incorrect sitting positions and therefore poor posture. These include back pain, difficulty getting up, leg issues and intestine problems.  


Comfortable seats are needed to maintain an audience’s attention. If seating is uncomfortable, the audience members will be moving around in their seats more regularly and feel that they can’t fully experience the lecture, event, play or sport.

Quiet close

Some of our seating comes with a quiet close feature making it easier for seated people to get up and move without disturbing the rest of the audience. This is a feature that is especially useful in theatres and auditoriums where the seating is often clunky when left to tip back up.