Meet your collaborative learning goals

The Inova ‘turn and learn’ system offers a fresh and modern approach to help deliver collaborative teaching methods in today’s learning spaces at schools, colleges and universities.

The ‘turn and learn’ chair helps your students interact with each other like never before thanks to its 360° swivel chair on a rotating arm.

This relatively new seating system comprises of three frame designs and comes with a multitude of seating and desking options to enable you to adapt the system to meet your exact needs.

Key benefits of Inova:

  • Face the lecturer as a conventional chair or turn around to interact with colleagues behind
  • Encourages students to work effectively as a group and learn from one another
  • Helps to promote a meaningful and enjoyable atmosphere
  • Provides the opportunity to implement modern teaching styles and methods
  • Chair automatically returns to closed position when not in use
  • Favoured by the fire service over loose swivel chairs in the event of an emergency situation
  • Power and networking sockets can be integrated into the framework or desking
  • Can be upholstered in the same fabric as fixed seating

The flexible nature of Inova allows the system to be utilised in numerous applications away from the classroom or lecture theatre and can be found in the following locations:

  • Office/boardroom
  • Canteen/café/restaurant
  • Break out areas
  • Private study/library
  • ICT suite/corridor workstations

The Inova seating range truly complements our quality range of auditorium and lecture theatre seating and offers an alternative style of teaching when delivering a curriculum or course.