Motivational speakers deserve inspiring seating

A high priority for a university lecturer will be to take full control of a lecture and to keep their audience engaged to avoid any kind of disruption throughout the session.

Armed with captivating presentation material and props along with a quirky sense of humour and side splitting one-liners, the last thing they would expect to find is noisy seating stealing the limelight!

Imagine the scene where you’ve got 200 students sat in front of you listening to every word you say but no matter how loud and clear you speak everyone’s attention, including yours, is drawn to the sound of every little movement your students make in the old, worn-out seating.

Our prestigious range of auditorium seating and lecture theatre seating is designed and manufactured to tolerate the constant usage that a university environment demands. This is why our seating products come with an industry unique lifetime warranty and are also accredited with AIRO acoustics and noise control.

Our manufacturing principals are applied with an ongoing commitment to quality and always include the hallmarks of a premium product which include: attention to detail, in-built strength, and an attractive durable finish.

Every proposal we put together is individually designed and meticulously calculated to maximise the use of available space. In each and every case the shape, size and arrangement will be built to meet the exact requirements of your project.

Early consultation during the design process is highly recommended to provide the best combination of layout and specification to meet the requirements of your project budget.