We’re not the cheapest but…

University of Manchester

As a leading manufacturer of auditorium seating and lecture theatre seating for over 50 years we have seen many changes in our industry and the way business is conducted. However, the one thing that has remained the same throughout this time is our commitment to manufacture products to a very high standard.

British-made products unfortunately have a stigma attached to them because they are seen as being too expensive and are a ‘rip off’. There also seems to be an underlining price driven culture here in the UK that the majority of people opt for the cheapest quote when it comes to like for like products.

But are they actually like for like and do they represent the same value for money? How can I justify spending more for what is basically the same product I hear you say. Well, that’s where the problem lies I’m afraid as it can be a hard task to convince a person to pay that bit extra for something that is invariably better.

This happens every day without fail throughout the world in both a business to business and business to consumer environment and that is why you will find a product, that is supposed to do the same job, at the low, mid or high end of the market.

For example, why pay £10 for a hammer when I can get one for £5 – it’ll do the same job surely?  I can personally relate to this as I recently bought a cheap hammer for £5 and it lasted barely an hour when taking down a stud wall.

The disruption it caused that afternoon for me having to jump in the car to the nearest DIY store and then spend £10 for a good one could’ve been prevented if I’d have just bought a decent hammer in the first place. In total I probably wasted an hour of my day, a quarter of a gallon of diesel and £15 in hammers!

And this is the point I’m making. To provide a product at the lowest price point in a market may sound like an easy way to attract more customers and gain an edge on your competition but it simply equates to a false economy because they don’t stand the test of time.