Power to the people

The successful running of a performance venue where an audience is involved is no easy feat, be it a concert hall, auditorium or theatre. Maintaining loyalty from an audience has probably never been harder to achieve.

There’s so much at stake and so many things to consider to getting it right as customer expectations are rising. For example, a venue that has a capacity of 500 people means that there are potentially 500 different individuals that need satisfying to a high standard or you run the risk of upsetting your customers that could lead to their non-return and/or a negative online review.

So many venues up and down the UK were built in the 1960s and 1970s with the majority now being outdated and not fit for purpose. The overall concept of a performance venue in today’s world is unrecognisable to these types of venues and this is one of the reasons why they are slowly deteriorating and local communities are suffering as a result.

One prevalent and permanent factor in performance venues, no matter how old or new, is the need for a good seating system. Give your audience a quality chair to sit in and you’re heading in the right direction. After all, there’s nothing worse than being sat in an uncomfortable chair for a couple of hours whilst watching a performance!

This is where we can help as market-leading designers and manufacturers of a prestigious and comfortable range of seating. Our seating products can help your customers enjoy the performance and help you increase audience loyalty.

We would be very pleased to discuss your project requirements in detail and tailor a seating package to suit your exact requirements.  Please contact us on 01288 696000 for more information or email us your requirements.

From concept to completion we’ve got it covered.