Reasons to service your seating

Reasons to service your seating 2Fixed or retractable seating is a significant investment for the future of your venue. It is important to protect the investment by servicing the seating. Servicing is required to ensure your seating is kept to top condition and to excellent working standards.

CPS Seating LTD are specialists in manufacturing lecture theatre seatingauditorium seatingspectator seatingtheatre seating and retractable seating. We also offer servicing on our installed seating systems. These are the benefits of servicing your seating.

Increase lifetime of seating

Servicing frequently will increase the lifetime of the seating. Regular seat use over the years can cause issues to go unnoticed. A service will spot these problems so these can be repaired.

Notice issues

Servicing can help to notice issues with the seating, including fabrics, tip-ups and other parts of the system. Regular servicing can assist with noticing these problems as well as making them easier and quicker to repair.

Continue lifetime warranty

Servicing annually is required on selected moving seating systems (especially retractable seating as well as turn and learn seating) to ensure they are safe and in full working order. Warranties from manufacturers require the annual service to keep the warranty valid.

More affordable

Regularly servicing the seating to keep it in high quality, working order is more affordable in the long term than spending the money to replace or refurbish it in the future.