CPS Seating LTD provide high quality and comfortable retractable seating. 

Retractable seating is seating which can be folded away when it is not being used. Retractable seating can also be called bleacher seating or telescopic seating. 

The benefits include:-

  • Saving storage space 
  • Maximising revenue from events from number of seats
  • Providing optimum view for audience members
  • Providing flexible use of venue space
  • Providing comfortable seating for short and long events
retractable seating 3 pod
retractable seating 4 pod

RETRACTABLE Seating solutions

Retractable seating is ideal for smaller venues right up to venues that need temporary seating for events due to its space saving nature and adaptability. These systems are used in concert halls, theatres, sports halls, arenas, schools, universities and conference venues. 

If you have one of our retractable seating systems installed, please feel free to get in touch for a seating service to keep it in top working condition. 

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