How to get silent and reliable auto-tip fixed seating

How to get silent and reliable auto-tip fixed seatingMost fixed seating manufacturers use spring based systems for tipping their seats, which require regular maintenance for which many institutions or establishments don’t have the resources. As years go by, springs can gradually degrade, stretch or break causing them to fail.

Spring based seating systems become less reliable as time goes on, resulting in the seats no longer auto-tipping back up once pushed down. The springs also start to creak causing an unprofessional, squeaky noise when tipped down or up.

CPS Seating LTD manufactures our seating systems differently using counter-weight tipping for fail-proof and reliable auto-tipping seats that continue working for decades. Our seating systems offer silent and effective tipping when installed and for years to come.

With counter-weight tipping, our seats are self-lubricating and all of the mechanics are tucked away out of view for a more professional finish. Counter-weight tipping seating solutions doesn’t require much maintenance.

CPS Seating LTD designs, manufactures and installs lecture theatre seatingauditorium seating, and theatre seating. Our encore theatre seating also features anti-trap features to keep little ones fingers safe.