The benefits of lecture theatres

benefits of lecture theatre seatingUniversities and colleges all feature lecture theatres. They have been used for hundreds of years to impart knowledge, motivate people and inspire students. The benefits of lecture theatres cannot be understated. We have provided a few of the benefits of having a lecture theatre.

Comfortable fixed seating

Lecture theatres feature comfortable fixed seating. Students will be sitting for hours so supportive and comfortable seating is required to ensure people pay attention during lectures. Lecture theatre seating tends to have back support to encourage the right posture while writing notes or typing which encourages efficient working and reduces back issues after sitting during long lectures.

Collaborative learning and flipped learning are encouraging more installations of well-furnished collaborative bench seating and self-parking seating to assist with modern teaching methods.

Organised layouts

Lecture halls are well laid out to encourage students to concentrate and listen during lectures, while also using space efficiently to accommodate students. To help students see demountable staging is used at the front of the room for lecturers to stand on and tiered seating is used for students. Modern lecture halls

Environmentally controlled

Lecture rooms are environmentally controlled; They tend to be well lit and temperature controlled. Lecture halls usually have a lot of natural light via windows or artificial light using a multitude of lights. The rooms also tend to be well temperature controlled using air conditioning and heating.

Tech facilities

Modern lecture halls usually have smart boards, projects, sound systems, tablet or writing desks and power sockets. Desks can be used to use tablets or laptops to write notes and write notes on writing pads. Power sockets are

Distraction free

Lecture rooms are the ideal environments for learning and teaching as they are free from distractions. Televisions, music, phones, books and other distractors are not available in lecture halls so they allow students to remain focused and motivated to learn.

Learning environments

Lecture halls are traditional learning and teaching spaces. Lecturers have always been at the front, but active student participation can be encouraged by asking questions, using group tasks and using demonstrations. New learning methods such as flipped learning and collaborative learning are moving more towards student focused teaching too.

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