What is a flipped classroom or lecture?

what is a flipped classroom or lectureWhat is a flipped classroom or lecture?

A flipped lecture theatre or classroom (also called inverted classroom) is a new learning strategy that encourages students to research and prepare before a class to enhance their own learning. The teaching model inverts or flips the traditional model to make the student the focus of the lecture or class.

Flipped classes or lectures tend to require the student to complete work beforehand using their own internet and devices so they arrive already understanding the basic concepts of a topic or subject. The class or lecture generally involves group activities, discussion, experiments, collaborative research or problem solving to gain a deeper understanding of the content.

Why are flipped classrooms important?

Recent research also shown that flipped classrooms can enhance classroom engagement, improve student attitudes, increase student academic performance, increase student motivation and improve content retention.

Recent studies have shown that one in five teachers is considering flipping their classrooms. In 2014, a study found 78% of teachers had flipped at least one of their lessons. Studies have shown that teachers experienced in flipping classrooms would recommend the teaching style to other teachers.

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