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What is collaborative learning?

what is collaborative learningWhat is collaborative learning?

Collaborative learning (or collaborative teaching) is a method of teaching or learning whereby the learners work in groups or teams to join their knowledge on a topic or concept.

Why is collaborative learning important?

Research has shown that students in classes that have used collaborative learning perform better in tests. Studies have found that students performed better in tests due to them being more active in the learning process and their topic retention was better.

Other studies have shown that collaborative learning encourages achievement in minority groups.

When should collaborative learning be used?

Collaborative learning can be used as a revision technique to remind students of the topic or concepts before an exam. The learning method can also be as an initial discussion around a topic so that a lecturer or teacher can understand how much the class knows already. Collaborative learning can also be utilised towards a shared group goal such as a group presentation or debate.  

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