What is the importance of brand?

what is the importance of brandMany people are busy in and outside of work and lead very hectic lives. The current UK culture is rich in knowledge (thanks to ease of access to the internet via our smart devices) yet appears to be short of time. Does this sound familiar and something you can personally relate to?

Because of this, it is usually the visual identity of a brand that catches the eye of a consumer. In many cases, people tend to form their feelings and perceptions about a brand before they even know who it is and what it represents – a bit like judging a book by its cover I suppose.

The reality is that it’s vitally important to have a visual presence to help differentiate your brand effectively amongst competition and to build trust with your customers.

However, brand is much more than a logo and is something that everyone within an organisation should buy into for it to be effective. If you don’t put the effort into developing and maintaining a consistent brand image throughout every interaction a customer has with you, you’ll find it very hard for your brand to truly represent what your products or services can offer.

Furthermore, one negative experience a customer has with you could potentially damage the brand with the power and reach of social media and traditional word of mouth. Years and years of hard work building a brand could be destroyed so easily and so quickly. This is why brand is so important and a worthy consideration to a buyer before parting with their money.

We recently conducted a staff survey here about the CPS brand and what they personally thought it represented. The top three answers were quality, service and innovation – this simple exercise provided some really useful data which epitomised our approach to the way we conduct our business.

We believe in our brand and we believe in ourselves to deliver products and services that are of the highest possible quality. Our brand represents what we stand for and what our values mean to you but more importantly our clients trust us to deliver exceptional products backed up with fantastic level of customer service.