Aston University Lecture Theatre Seating

CPS Manufacturing Co was contacted in 2014 about installing lecture theatre seating into Birmingham’s Aston University.

We worked with the university and Robothams Architects on this project. The architects had a clear vision and they were very passionate about the colour scheme. The result of their organised colour scheme was two stunning and stimulating rooms designed perfectly for students to learn.

One of the lecture theatres had 197 Vario seats installed in green fabrics and finishes. There were two greens chosen for the seating and grey was picked as the contrast. In interior design, green is the colour of energy and positive environment, ideal for a lecture theatre.

The Sumpner lecture hall was designed in the Harvard lecture theatre style. The architects chose to use red fabrics in the room, contrasting again with grey. In interior design, it is believed red colours provide feelings of warmth. 176 Vario seats were installed into the lecture hall.

There was a strong and effective partnership formed between us and Robothams Architects, which lead to us teaming up again last year. We installed tiered flooring into three lecture theatres and seating into two.

183 Vario seats were installed in one and 153 Vario seats in another. The striking colour schemes continued with one Harvard style lecture theatre incorporating stunning red, black and grey colours.


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