New Nemo chair launch

nemo-chair-launchWe are pleased to announce the launch of our brand-new Nemo pivot seat today. This is the second concealed seat pivot mechanism designed and launched by CPS and offers an improved look to our lecture theatre seating.

The subtly engineered Nemo pivot offers an improved and sleeker finish and can be used across a wide range of lecture theatre and auditorium seats to provide an extra level of safety for clients and venue operators.

Sailing through in-house design, development and testing, the Nemo has also been tested in the lab at FIRA and passed the BS EN 12727: 2016 Level 4 Test Requirements with ease. This is an extremely demanding test, with over 200kg being applied to the front edge of the seat for 10 cycles and 100,000 seat tipping cycles.

CPS are committed to providing quality products with in-built longevity and we are glad to welcome Nemo to the family and include it under our unique Lifetime Warranty as our customers have come to expect.