Dudley College





Project Description

CPS Manufacturing Co worked with Metz Architects and Dudley College to fit lecture theatre seating into the new Dudley Enhance building.

The Dudley Enhance is a resource centre designed to support A Level studies and to provide an exceptional learning environment for the college’s students.

The Inova turn and learn seating was chosen by the architects and the college. 74 turn and learn seats were installed into the room.

The seats had a Plasa wood model to make the seats durable and strong. The seats were also upholstered on the base to make them more comfortable for students.

The Inova turn and learn seats are ideal for group work and utilising new teaching or learning methods such as flipped classrooms and collaborative learning. The seats are self-parking but can also be turned around for collaboration and interaction with other students or colleagues during classes.

Seat Type

  • Inova Turn & Learn