Encore Seating Range

Our Encore seat is traditionally upholstered and features full height end panels which conceal the stanchions. The Encore theatre seat uses counter weight tipping resulting in a smooth tipping action and quiet tipping mechanism known for its reliability.

Prestigious Theatre Seat

Our seating options offer variable dimensions to suit your space requirements and preferences. Choose from a range of fabric and leather finishes to complement your venue's aesthetic. Customise further with seat numbers and row letters for added organisation. Select from a variety of armrest finishes, including solid hardwood, to enhance comfort and style. Opt for removable two-seat units for flexibility in arrangement. For added ambiance, integrated LED lighting options are also available to illuminate your seating area.

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With unmatched durability, comfort, and style, backed by a lifetime warranty and rigorous testing, these seats exceed expectations in every aspect. Choose the Asset range for your project and enjoy superior seating solutions that create unforgettable experiences for every attendee, ensuring lasting satisfaction for years to come.

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Experience the versatility and reliability of Venu, designed to elevate your seating experience with precision engineering and innovative design.