The benefits of fixed seating

benefits of fixed seating 2Fixed seating is traditional auditorium or lecture theatre chairs that are fixed to flat or tiered floors. This type of seating is the most popular and cost effective ideal for optimising space in venues.

CPS Seating LTD designs, manufactures and installs lecture theatre seatingspectator seatingtheatre seating and auditorium seating for a large range of venues. We offer lifetime guarantees and our products are UK manufactured.

Optimise Space

Fixed seating optimises the space available in an auditorium or lecture theatre by adding as many rows as possible into the area. The chairs have uniform height and depth. CPS Seating LTD can create bespoke seating specifically for a venue room to maximise capacity.

Low maintenance

Chairs are low maintenance. Servicing is recommended every few years to ensure that the seats, fabrics and tip up work as required.


Fixed seating can be provided with a range of accessories, including fixed writing desks, tablet tables, power sockets and much more.

Cost effective

Fixed seating is cost effective as it can, with proper maintenance and regular servicing, last for decades. This style does require a larger budget than loose furniture initially, however this can result in less money spent on the venue in the long term.


Fixed seats tend to feature padding and comfortable fabrics to make them comfortable. Auditoriums, lecture theatres and theatres require people to sit in for hours. Our seats are made to be comfortable during these long hours but also durable to ensure they are comfortable for years to come.


Fixed seating provides uniform and aesthetically pleasing chairs that fit a venue’s atmosphere and existing decoration.