Flipped classroom or lecture theatre seating

The new teaching method of flipped classrooms or lectures provides more opportunity for group activities, collaborative research, debates, discussions and problem solving.

As the style requires a lot more group work than traditional teaching methods, a teacher or lecturer may find the current seating installed or used is not appropriate for the task or lesson provided. You can also read about what flipped classrooms are and what the advantages and disadvantages of flipped classrooms are.

CPS Seating LTD has developed a range of classroom or lecture theatre seating designed specifically for flipped or inverted classrooms or lecture theatres. Our range includes collaborative bench seating, Inova turn and learn seating and the loose Studio Evo tablet chair.

Collaborative bench seating

Collaborative bench seating is fixed bench seating that can hold several people for group activities. The seating can be installed with fixed desks, power outputs and microphones for bigger rooms. There is also a disabled provision option available for the collaborative bench seating.

You can visit our collaborative bench seating page for more information.

Inova turn and learn seating

The Inova turn and learn seating is fixed individual seating that can be turned around for group work. The seats are favoured by the fire service over conventional swivel chairs due to their self-parking ability of returning to a forward-facing, closed position. Fixed desks can be provided with the seating, which can feature power sockets and cable provision.

For more information on how our Inova turn and learn seating can be used as lecture hall or auditorium seating, please visit our turn and learn seating page.

Studio Evo tablet chair

The Studio Evo chair is a tablet or collaborative learning chair. Made from fully-recyclable polypropylene, the chair features the largest table available which can be used by left and right-handed users due to its ability to flip about its axis and rotate around the chair.

For more information about the Studio Evo tablet chair, please view our tablet chair page.