Basildon Towngate Theatre





Project Description

The Basildon Towngate Theatre is a 3-tiered theatre bringing musicals, drama, gigs, theatre and pantos to the heart of the town.

This year CPS Seating LTD were honoured to work alongside Basildon Council and leading office fit-out and refurbishment specialist Overbury to refurbish the theatre seating, bringing an added level of luxury to this amazing venue.

The extensive work carried out at the theatre included stripping out the carpets and chairs before installing a brand new rich carpet to the space. When all of this work was complete, 242 custom Encore seats were fitted into the stalls section of the theatre at the ground level. Finished in a vibrant and vivid red velvet, each seat was hand-crafted with comfort in mind to ensure the customer experience at the Basildon Theatre would be better than ever.

The intricate installation took place overnight to guarantee no disturbances to any of the theatre’s performances and events. The CPS installation team undertook the work on the seats in rows of three or four per night, pausing each morning and then continuing the following night until the entire area was perfect.

The Encore seat was modified and made heavily bespoke to fit the moving floor in the theatre. The moving floor lowers down into the ground and then slides away under the stage. The void is covered by other moving platforms to give a flat floor. The new seats had to be modified to fit within the envelope of the old seating so that the moving floor could still operate.

When asked for feedback following the work, the Contracts Manager at Overbury commented:

“The CPS team performed well from pre-construction through to delivery under tight timescales. The installation team worked 4 night shifts completing the seating in phases which enabled the theatre to remain live through the project with no disruption to the performance schedule.”

Seat Type

  • Encore Seating
  • Bespoke Seating