Planet Ice Rink Spectator Seating

Planet Ice – Europe’s number one for Ice Leisure – contacted CPS Seating LTD regarding installing new spectator seating into their ice skating rink’s viewing area. Planet Ice has 14 ice rinks across the UK and has further plans to expand in the future. According to their website, the ice rink company ensures that every visitor leaves with a smile by providing a variety of activities and sessions.

CPS Seating LTD delivered the project from concept to completion, starting with the tiered floor structure and then the installation of 368 seats into the Planet Ice arena in Widnes. The seats installed were the A2 seats which are backless seats with lumbar support.

The arena seating structure was installed with a waterproof and anti-slip surface to make sure spectators were safe and secure in the damp and cold environment.

CPS Seating LTD also installed the balustrading and hand-railing around the spectator seating to provide an extra level of safety to the spectators in the viewing area.


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